Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mischief Spinners in Australia

Mischief Spinners have reached Australia for the first time. You can now enjoy a fun round of Black Light Spinners at Melbourne Docklands! Visit their website for more information and course photos of this amazing looking mini golf course.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mini Golf Course of the Month - June 2009

You have entered the ancient Mayan Temple of Ek'-Wayeb-Chak (or Chak), the god of lightning and thunder. According to legend, the warrior kind Pakal devised a ritual game to appease Chak's fierce anger, thus avoiding being devoured by the Mayan god's destructive thunderstorm's. Your presence on these sacred grounds does not make Chak happy and you risk the wrath of his anger. However, Pakal was buried in the sarcophagus of this temple to protect you on your journey.

With these words greeting you its obvious your about to experience a very well themed fun round of Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC. Cancun Lagoon is a must play for Mini Golf fans taking a trip to Myrtle Beach. Two 18 hole courses wind inside and around the massive Mayan Temple structure. Everywhere you look is beautifully themed and well maintained with interesting holes to keep you challenged throughout your round. Also an added plus for those hot summer days in SC, the indoor holes are air conditioned.

For more information and directions to the course visit their website at:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KnA Games Mini Golf Course of the Month!

With the release of our most recent games (Mischief Mini Golf Card Game and Mischief Spinners) we have discovered many new miniature golf courses. We thought it might be interesting to feature a different course here each month and let others know about some of the great courses out there where our game Mischief is being enjoyed. The first course it is our pleasure to feature is Big Dons Wild River in Cicero, NY.

Themed to reflect and honor the outdoor history of Central New York, Big Dons 18 hole course features nature sounds from the great outdoors to enhance your experience as well as carved chainsaw sculptures of animals throughout the course. Some of the animals you will see are otter, black bear, timber wolf, beavers, raccoons, eagle, snowy owls and more.

But Big Dons Wild River isn't just beautiful to look at, its also fun to play as well. The course features water shot holes, multi-level holes, numerous obstacles, hazards, rough, sand traps, elevations changes and 9 Custom Mischief Spinners.

So if your ever in the Central NY area be sure to check out Big Dons Wild River Mini Golf!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009